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Don't struggle with manual processes - Use the cloud for your digital transformation

It used to be the case that only large organisations could afford the development, infrastructure and maintenance costs needed to create IT solutions to meet their exact requirements.

The Cloud has changed all that, making bespoke information technology available to the small and medium enterprise, without the up-front infrastructure costs.

At Watford Consulting we believe that incremental improvement in your processes is the key to success. Read on to see how we deliver technology to help your business.

Specialists in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Azure Microsoft Teams

Leverage your Microsoft subscriptions to deliver better value to your organisation

We help businesses build processes and automation on top of their existing Microsoft tools.

Specialists in Apache OFBiz

Build your business processes around open source software

Apache OFBiz is an open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool with modules for accounting, ecommerce, order processing, warehouse management and staff management.

The functionality offered in OFBiz is vast, but most businesses will need to customise OFBiz to meets their needs. We can help make those changes and assist with OFBiz roll-out within your business.

Watford Consulting staff are members of the OFBiz Project Management Committee and regularly create, review and test changes to the project’s software.

Specialists in Software Development

We build software solutions customised to your exact needs.

Whether its software your customers will use to communicate with you, or tools to help drive your critical business processes, Watford Consulting build solutions to get the job done.

We create solutions to run anywhere, from tiny embedded devices all the way up to distributed enterprise servers.

We can look after all aspects of your software project, taking care of requirements capture, design, implementation, test, deployment and support.

Specialists in Websites

To us, website development is another type of software development. When building websites we utilise a lot of the same approaches as when building web applications.

We can manage major and minor changes to your websites, bringing in additional creative design support when needed.

Websites have some infrastructure requirements around hosting and domain name management. Watford Consulting can manage these requirements for you, keeping your website remains up and running.

Our step-by-step approach to improving your business technology





We’ll help you get the most out of your existing IT, improving your ability to find the information you need and keep it secure

You already have IT hardware, software and subscription services, but are they being used effectively?

Watford Consulting can identify the functionality you have at your disposal and guide you on how to make better use of it.


Break down barriers between your IT systems – Join existing IT systems together to effortlessly share information

Do you have information critical to your business locked up in your existing IT systems?

Watford Consulting can build integration solutions to exchange information between your systems, ensuring data gets to the right place to support you business processes.


Software solutions built to meet your exact needs.

Off-the-shelf IT not getting you the results you want?

Watford Consulting can build customised software, tailored around your requirements, to boost your organisation’s productivity.

Overriding theme of incremental improvement. Best to deliver small frequent changes that provide value, rather than make large changes.

Reduces anxiety due to too much change. Get Return on Investment (ROI) sooner. Feedback to check that value is actually being created, allowing change of direction if value is not realised.

We work with your IT department or provider to deliver change you need for your business.

We are Agile

You may be familiar with process frameworks such as LEAN which have their roots in manufacturing. One of the principles in LEAN is small batch sizes of work.

The Agile Manifesto builds on this idea, along with many others to focus on creating small incremental builds of software functionality.

By embracing agile development approaches we focus on delivering small improvements to software, and leverage extensive automation to ensure we can build and deploy software rapidly.

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