Power Automate Trigger Conditions

Use Trigger Conditions with your Power Automate flows to reduce unnecessary flow runs and costs. Control condition blocks A common requirement in Power Automate flows is to check that some condition is satisfied before continuing with the useful work of the flow – we’ll call this the Start Condition. If the start condition is not […]

Access the Azure Static Web Apps ClientPrincipal

As part of a recent pull request for the Azure Static Web Apps CLI, I needed to test that the changes did not affect the emulated authentication functionality of the CLI. To help me test authentication emulation I thought I would create a basic demonstration app. Azure Function App: Auth Echo The auth-echo Azure Function […]

Register an Application and Service Principal for Automatic SharePoint Deployments

Application identities provide a useful method of deploying SharePoint applications. This article describes how to configure an application using the Azure CLI which can be used for deployments across multiple tenants. At Watford Consulting we build bespoke software solutions to solve our clients’ specific needs. If we build a solution based on SharePoint it will […]

Deploy Next.js applications to a cPanel web host

At Watford Consulting we use Krystal for our web hosting. Like many web hosting providers, Krystal offers their customers a cPanel interface to configure their service. One of the nice benefits for customers is that we can use cPanel to configure serving of web applications written in various languages such as Ruby, Python and Node.js. […]

The multiple identities of a SharePoint site user

Every SharePoint site maintains its own list of users and groups. In this post we explore the relationship between a site’s users and groups and the corresponding users and groups in Azure Active Directory.

Building Apache Ofbiz Docker Images

Apache Ofbiz (https://ofbiz.apache.org/) is an open source suite of business applications that companies can use to manage customer relationships, order processing, warehouse management, HR and lots of other functions.

This post covers how to build Ofbiz as a docker image so it can be deployed as a docker container for testing.

Copying Context to Executor Service Threads

Find the sources on Github: https://github.com/danwatford/thread-context-copy Thread-Specific Context If building a non-reactive Java web service such as a REST service that acts as an interface to other upstream services it is common to adopt a model of one-thread-per-request with no state held at the web service. This model can be deployed to servlet containers and […]

ABC Parser and Domain Libraries

Find the sources on Github: https://github.com/danwatford/abc Parsing ABC Notation ABC Notation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABC_notation) is a way to encode music notation in simple text. There are many sources of folk/tradition tunes available in ABC Notation. As part of a project to find shared sequences of notes in traditional tunes (see http://abc.foomoo.com) I built a parser to transform […]

Game Of Life In Scala

Find the sources on GitHub: https://github.com/danwatford/gameoflife-scala.git Game of Life in Scala is a simple GUI program making use of the scala.swing package. Scala.swing provides wrappers around the Java Swing component removing a lot of the boiler plate associated with common tasks. This program’s UI consists of a single button and OnOffGrid, a panel based class […]

Recording APRS data with Groovy

Post APRSParser – A Spring Example included a class, SocketAPRSDataSource, which when coupled with class DataSourceCapture would capture APRS data from and APRS-IS server to a file for playback in later development. Listing 1 contains a quick Groovy script to do the same thing. It can probably be refined a bit should demonstrate how powerful […]