Case Study: Clinco

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Clinco are specialists in the ordering and analysis of medical records, producing documents in relation to cases of catastrophic personal injury and medical negligence.

For each case they handle Clinco need to produce a number of documents, each populated with various details relating to the client and/or the case subjects. This information was entered into the documents manually, a repetitive and time consuming task with a not insignificant risk of data-entry error.

Clinco were keen to have case documents automatically generated, pre-populated with the standard case-related data, so they could focus on the content resulting from their analysis.

The Solution

After an initial high-level requirements discussion Watford Consulting prototyped two solutions for document generation – one cloud based, one on-premises.

The cloud solution, making use of Azure and Plumsail Documents would have been very quick to setup, but was not compatible with Clinco’s current Information Handling Model for security reasons. Passing sensitive client information to cloud providers was not something Clinco was prepared to do.

The on-premises solution was explored further, exercised with additional tooling to capture and store client and case records, and delivered as an application built on top of Microsoft Office.

The solution is now in use by multiple team members at Clinco.

At Clinco, we streamlined our workflow using a bespoke IT solution from Watford Consulting. They took the time to understand our business and then develop a technical system to remove inefficiencies and enhance the processes involved. We’re saving time, and reducing potential for error.

We have wanted something like this for ages but didn’t know where to start looking! The project was also much more affordable than we expected.

We thoroughly recommend Watford Consulting to any business looking to use technology to drive efficiency.
— Sarah Wallace, Clinco

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Daniel Watford

Daniel Watford

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