IT Configuration

Configure your existing IT to better serve the needs of your organisation

At Watford Consulting we take the time to really understand the components of your IT systems and what their capabilities are.

Your existing IT likely provides lots of feature you were not aware of. Watford Consulting can identify the functionality you have at your disposal and guide you on how to make better use of it.

How to make better use of your existing IT

If you are already using Microsoft 365, here are some examples of functionality you can take advantage of right away:

Enable out-of-office responses in Outlook

Manage expectations around when you are likely to respond to a message.

Use out-of-office responses in Outlook let mail recipients known when you are returning to the office and whom they might want to contact in the meantime.

Use SharePoint for document storage

By storing your files in SharePoint you leverage Microsoft Search, making it easier for staff to find the information they need.

Once documents are moved to SharePoint, you may find you don’t need those file servers any more, saving infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Enable basic Multi-Factor Authentication

Passwords have a lot of weaknesses when it comes to protecting access to information and systems.

Enable the out-of-the-box Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) facility included with your Microsoft 365 subscription to improve your IT security posture.

Use chat in Teams

Is your organisation addicted to email? 

You may find lots of your messaging is more suited to a chat tool, such as Microsoft Teams.

In Teams, users can have ad-hoc conversations without cluttering up their email inbox.

Use Microsoft 365 Groups to control access to information

If you need to give a member of staff access to information, do you need to raise a ticket with your IT provider to get the appropriate permissions granted?

Empower staff to grant access by organising information around the groups that own it. 

Group owners can grant membership to staff, permitting access to the group’s infromation.