Systems Integration

Connect systems together to have information available wherever it is needed

Your existing IT stores the information your organisation needs to function, but do you find you have to enter the same information into multiple systems?

Avoid the expensive and error-prone process of re-keying information into multiple systems. Enter your data in one place and let our integration solutions deliver business critical information to the systems that need it.

Most systems use a separate database, or offer integration points for reading and writing data. At Watford Consulting we will dig into the technical details of your systems and develop solutions to deliver data to where it is needed.

More efficient processes

Save money by reducing time lost to collecting the same information on multiple systems. IT integration can do the
heavy lifting by ensuring data is available whenever and wherever it is needed.

Improve performance by introducing automation at integration points to execute business processes across multiple departments, reducing delays due to the manual handover of information.

Better Business Intelligence

Inform decision making with rich reporting by using IT integration to bring together information from multiple sources across the organisation.

Key metrics can be extracted from the cooperating systems and made available in unified management dashboards, keeping all stakeholders up to date on current operations.

Ensuring Compliance

Entering key information once-only reduces the risk of discrepancies among IT systems, helping to ensure compliance obligations are met through good data handling procedures.

Using centralised IT controls to manage access to information helps maintain compliance with Data Protection and Privacy policies.

Software and System Integration Solutions

Growing businesses often find themselves in the situation where they have two or more existing systems critical to their processes which cannot talk to each other. In these situations processes have likely been established to manually modify and move data between the systems.

By analysing how these systems work Watford Consulting can build integration points between them, allowing the data critical to your business to flow freely without error prone manual intervention.

Mixing Off-The-Shelf and Bespoke Software

Often it is not necessary to embark on building completely bespoke software. Common Off The Shelf (COTS) products will often satisfy the majority of your business needs, albeit with a little customisation.

Watford Consulting can help identify the necessary customisations and can build the adapters needed to have the COTS products fit seamlessly into your business processes.

Integration Ideas

Examples of what can be achieved through integration.

Build unified management dashboards for data from your different IT systems

By integrating with the data from your various IT systems, we can create management dashboards to assist organisation wide monitoring and decision making.

See how your business processes are performing, get advance warning on bottlenecks and react accordingly to keep work flowing through your organisation.

Front-line worker forms

Do your staff use forms to log their activity?

Depending on the system used to create the forms, you may have to periodically export data to a spreadsheet and then create any needed reports.

Use integration to automatically retrieve form submissions and write them to files, databases or lists that you control. As new submissions are recorded, report generation can be automatically triggered, producing the reports ready for review.

Better still, reports can be automatically included in management dashboards, ensuring up-to-date information is available for decision making.

Make information available to the whole organisation

You may use off-the-shelf software packages to manage finances, health and safety records and other industry specific processes.

Access to those packages would normally be restricted to staff from the departments that look after those processes, but those packages will also contain information useful to the wider organisation.

Build integrations to fetch select information from those software packages and publish it on your intranet. Once published, the information will be searchable using your normal intranet search tools.

Generate notifications

Are you frequently checking status of critical resources within your organisation? Perhaps you need to track warehouse stock, staff availability, responses to questions related to COVID.

Integrations can remove the manual checking for you by automatically examining these resources for you. If the relevant condition is met, notifications can be sent to staff to advise that some action is needed.

Automatic email processing

You might have a process which depends on emails being sent to a particular mailbox. The emails might have attachments that should be saved to certain locations in document storage according to date, sender, file type, etc.

Integration can detect the arrival of the email and save all the attachments according to predefined rules, all without the need for human interaction.

Automatic survey requests

Based on a customer list, filtered by relevant dates and other criteria

Order generation

Based on an incoming request – automatically generate an order in your ecommerce platform such as woocommerce.

Notify relevant parties when order has been paid.