Power Automate Trigger Conditions

Use Trigger Conditions with your Power Automate flows to reduce unnecessary flow runs and costs. Control condition blocks A common requirement in Power Automate flows is to check that some condition is satisfied before continuing with the useful work of the flow – we’ll call this the Start Condition. If the start condition is not […]

OFBiz from scratch: Reporting on the first month of trading

In previous articles we configured accounting functionality in OFBiz and entered double-entry accounting transactions for Kristine’s Biz, our fictitious sole trader company modelled on Chapter 3: Section 4: Example 1 of Open Tuition’s FA Lecture Notes. In this article we will produce reports on the first month of trading. These reports are: Statement of Profit […]

OFBiz from scratch: Basic double entry bookkeeping

In this article we will record accounting transactions in OFBiz for Kristine’s Biz, a fictitious sole trader created to represent the company used in Chapter 3: Section 4: Example 1 of Open Tuition’s FA Lecture Notes. For this series of articles we will work through examples from Open Tuition’s excellent materials for the ACCA FA […]

OFBiz from scratch: Create a company with basic accountancy preferences

In this article we will setup OFBIZ with accounting preferences for Kristine’s Biz, a fictitious sole trader created to represent the company used in Chapter 3: Section 4: Example 1 of Open Tuition’s FA Lecture Notes. We will create accounting transactions for this company in a later article. Linkedin Discuss this post on LinkedIn Need […]

OFBiz from scratch: Install and run OFBiz

Apache OFBiz is an open source suite of business applications that companies can use to manage customer relationships, order processing, warehouse management, HR and lots of other functions. Feature rich software such as OFBiz does require some up-front configuration which can seem complicated to new users. To remedy this, the project will normally recommend new users […]

Access the Azure Static Web Apps ClientPrincipal

As part of a recent pull request for the Azure Static Web Apps CLI, I needed to test that the changes did not affect the emulated authentication functionality of the CLI. To help me test authentication emulation I thought I would create a basic demonstration app. Azure Function App: Auth Echo The auth-echo Azure Function […]

Register an Application and Service Principal for Automatic SharePoint Deployments

Application identities provide a useful method of deploying SharePoint applications. This article describes how to configure an application using the Azure CLI which can be used for deployments across multiple tenants. At Watford Consulting we build bespoke software solutions to solve our clients’ specific needs. If we build a solution based on SharePoint it will […]

Use IT to record third-party acknowledgements

Many organisations need to record an acknowledgement or confirmation from an external party that some activity has been completed. Examples of these acknowledgements could include: Confirming delivery of goods to a customer. Confirming that a service has been performed. Acknowledge receipt of key information. Confirm that an inspection has been carried out. Businesses will often […]

Deploy Next.js applications to a cPanel web host

At Watford Consulting we use Krystal for our web hosting. Like many web hosting providers, Krystal offers their customers a cPanel interface to configure their service. One of the nice benefits for customers is that we can use cPanel to configure serving of web applications written in various languages such as Ruby, Python and Node.js. […]

The multiple identities of a SharePoint site user

Every SharePoint site maintains its own list of users and groups. In this post we explore the relationship between a site’s users and groups and the corresponding users and groups in Azure Active Directory.